White Mountains Regional Counseling Office

127 Regional Road

Whitefield, NH 03598

PHONE: (603) 837-2528

FAX: (603) 837-3811

  • Next Step U College Planning
    Check out Next Step U, we are currently offering 2 types of scholarships, one easy Win free Tuition and a second new STEM scholarship. 
    Next Step U has also published a fall college planning magazine! CLICK HERE - IT'S FREE
  • Real Work Matters - Vocational School Database

    This database of private postsecondary vocational schools is well-organized and extensive. Students can access information first by state and then by specific training area/occupation. Fields include: aircraft, automotive, cosmetology, business, computer, electronics, legal, telecommunications, and lots more. Check out this site to learn more about schools that offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, online degrees, and Technical and Management degrees. Click Here

  • FREE Online SAT/ACT Preparation Program
    Check out this FREE online SAT/ACT preparation program! Method Test Prep allows students the opportunity to spend minutes or hours practicing their test taking skills when it's most convenient for them in their busy schedules. Just choose a Username, Password, and log in to get started! 
  • College Financial Aid Information

    We strongly encouraged our students to gather financial aid and scholarship information that is appropriate for their own circumstances and college application process. Students should not necessarily let the price of a particular college discourage them from applying for admission. Many financial aid programs exist to help you meet all college costs: tuition, fees, books, room and board, personal expenses, and transportation.

    Each college will present a "financial aid package" and this is determined by financial needs calculated from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students and their parents should compare amounts and types of aid to determine which is the most beneficial to them. The FAFSA is available online and can be completed after January 1 of the student's senior year. Click here for more information on FAFSA

  • College Board

    This is an excellent site for students, parents, educators, and counselors which includes the latest news from the College Board, current test administrations and registration deadlines, on-line score reporting, registration, and details regarding specific SAT I/IIs. Check out the SAT Question of the Day, utilize the scholarship search as well as the ExPAN College Search, or e-mail the professionals at the College Board. Information is organized and presented specifically for Student & Parents, Admissions Staff, Financial Aid Staff, Counselors, High School & College Faculty, and College Board Members. 

  • ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines
    The ACT is accepted for entrance and/or placement purposes by many colleges and universities. It consists of a series of four tests in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional Writing Test which measures the student’s ability to plan and write a short essay; many colleges ask that students take the ACT with Writing.  The tests are designed to provide an overall estimate of a student’s ability to succeed academically at the college level.
  • College Overview for Juniors (click here for more details)
    Date:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Time:  6:00 pm

    Location:  White Mountains Regional High School

  • Paying for College 101 (click here for more detail)
    Understanding Financial Aid Award Packages & Financing Options 

    Date:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    Time:  6:00 pm

    Location:  White Mountains Regional High School

  • UPWARD BOUND - College Fair

    UPWARD Bound                       

    Lyndon State College

    Lyndonville, Vermont

    05851 (802)626-6200

    The Northeast Kingdom College Fair will be held on Tuesday, April 4th from 6:30-8:00 pm at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, VT.  Over 100 colleges from all across New England and the United States are expected to attend.  

    For questions, please call Rick Williams at (802)-626-5000 or email at Richard.williams@lyndonstate.edu.

Counseling Staff:

Marianne Cannon, Director of School Counseling 

9th - 12th Grade (A-J) 

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2006 or mcannon@sau36.org

Blair DeForge, School Counselor 

9th - 12th Grade (K-Z)

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2090 or bdeforge@sau36.org

Lisa Daigle, School Counseling & CTE Secetary  

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2003 or ldaigle@sau36.org

Deb Saucier, Admin Data/Registrar 

(603) 837-2528, ext. 2005 or dsaucier@sau36.org

Karen Keller LICSW, School Social Worker 

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2075 or kkeller@sau36.org

Kelly Renaud, Student Assistant Program Counselor

(603) 837-2528 or krenaud@sau36.org